Innovative Rubber Solutions Since 1944

Vision Mission


To become the most reliable and admirable precision rubber components company in India, providing value-added solutions to customers, creating better opportunities to employees and contributing value to the development of the local society and all stakeholders.


To create maximum values for our customers by building on our core strengths in innovative R&D and high standards of customer and surlier relationship management.

Core Values

Our core values are the principles of our business and our commitments to our customers and the society. They enable us to serve our customers more effectively and make ourselves more preferable.

Team Work

In KII, there is no notion of an “I” or “Me,” it is an affirmative “We” and this sense of “We” only. We always operate as a one solid team.

Respect for People

To create mutual understanding, we strive to build trust and respect amongst all employees so that we can reinforce engineering competency.

Customer First

We pursue the satisfaction of our customers, both internal and external, in order to be a trusted solution provider.

High Ethical Standards

We conduct business activities to the highest ethical standards and in compliance with applicable rules, regulations and laws.

Continuous Improvement

We nourish an innovating culture within the company by being flexible and humble in learning new and progressive things from anyone and everyone.


We foster transparency in all aspects of the company’s business to ensure high and effective levels of corporate governance.


We seek efficiency in all aspects of our activities in order to eliminate the waste of time, cost and energy and to cut down the impact on the environment.


Listen Carefully, Speak Truthfully, Look Impartially, Work Patiently and Function Independently.

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